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went though 5 writers that said they want/would help and they all just screwed up my story even more

I will try try to get some pages out soon and update the ask soon

I am truly sorry that i have not been updating regularly

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Bronycon 2013

I am here and will be at table 510 so come on by and say hi

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Hope your all having a fun and safe Summer

and from the last post elcona won and Sahrani got no votes

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sry i been not keeping this very well updated …. anyways what  character do you want to see first in there short comic , Sahrani the surfing gazelle or Elcona the giraffe with illusion magic, each will get one leading up to zecora story.

reblog or leave a msg with there name to vote

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ok random 2nd post of my OC zebra but my writer well this what he said  ” I just don’t really have that feel to make stuff myself”  …. he is  going make some stuff and proof-read things, anyway i looking  for a other person that a little more active  who can rhythm and write some story’s… or this tumblr will die and i do not want this to die like that

pls contact me though tumblr and will talk there 

 lets face it i can not spell for the life of me